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Monthly Giving FAQs

I made my initial monthly gift offline. Can I manage it here?
If you already receive our updates by email, you can login to see whether your monthly gift is accessible via our online system. If you don't see your monthly gift listed online, please email our development team at or call 412-460-3663 ext 282 update your gift.

I never created a username or password. How do I log in?
Even if you did not create a username and password yourself, our system may have created one for you when you made your initial monthly gift online. You can request your username and password using your current email address. You should use the same email address you provided when you donated. If in doubt, check your records for the email receipt we sent when you made your gift.

What can I change once I log in?
What you can change may vary, depending on the kind of gift you made initially, but in most cases you can change the amount of your gift and the credit card used to process your gift. In some cases, you can also skip a month or cancel your gift. If you need to make a change to your gift that isn't possible via our online system, please contact us directly by email at or call 412-460-3663 ext 282 for assistance.